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Our two year customized program will help our members navigate through their own experiences so they can come up with their own plan for their own success.  Every member will get the support they need to define what success means to them and what they need to do to achieve it.  Connect & Serve will use its continuously growing network of professional partners to provide tailormade mentoring and coaching.  


At Connect & Serve, we know that successful people do not get to their success on their own. They all have someone who believes in them and makes the sacrifice to walk with them in their journey to success. At Connect & Serve, we want to be that someone for our members by providing customized mentoring and coaching. Once a member has been made eligible for services, they will meet with a program manager who will assign them to a professional coach and mentor. That coach/mentor will work with them to help see their dreams become a reality. The things we want for ourselves can be attained with the right support.

Fists in Solidarity
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Your financial support and in-kind donations will have a large impact on the services we provide to our member for generations to come.

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