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Our ProgramS

Community Cafes & Conversation is a strategic platform used with the concept of “it takes a village”. Attendees gather to discuss relevant issues that concern them like barriers and challenges that hinder their success and the success of their families and communities. Through this venue, individuals collectively create solutions to problems that are impacting their daily lives. They receive resources and learn strategies to advocate for what they want and what they need in a safe and judgment free space. The dialogue is provocative and creates opportunities for everyone to be heard. Additionally, this program offers workshops in parenting, financial literacy, social emotional wellness and so much more.

Empowered to Change is for members of Connect & Serve

Connect & Serve is a two-year holistic program that offers assigned coaches who work with members to help them deal with the causation of their own poverty: They receive coaching and mentoring as part of their accountability toolkit. In this program members are required to create their own pathway to wellness and prosperity with guidance from a team of professionals and experts who are committed to walk with them to their success. During this program year, members are working on transformative action through self-reflection, discovery, challenge and change. Their pathway plan can include nutrition/ health and fitness, therapeutics like art and journaling as well as one on one counseling. Members can add education and career goals to their plan and Connect & Serve will match them with business mentors who will work with them on those goals.

We encourage all stakeholders to be involved with giving back. Connect & Serve’s heartbeat is service. We expect all our stakeholders to serve and support the mission and goals of other organizations doing similar work with the overarching goal being to heal our people and our land.


  1. Yoga

  2. Menz Space Cafe

  3. Arts & Crafts Therapy

  4. Mindfulness

  5. Black Diaspora

  6. Business Coaching for the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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