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We assist individuals in creating their own pathways from poverty to wellness and prosperity.  
The intersection of poverty with issues of race amplifies the struggle for Black and Hispanic groups.  In the USA, the average Black and Hispanic households earn about half as much as the average White household and own only about 15 to 20 percent as much net wealth (Brookings Report April 2022).
Stress over raising children, paying bills and basic survival strips away one’s capacity to pour into themselves and their families in crucial ways, like health, fitness/nutrition, and mental and emotional wellness.  Because the causation of poverty is not just finances, Connect & Serve’s holistic approach helps our members deal with the traumas of poverty.  We do this by working with the “whole” person: mind, body and soul.  We seek to nurture their hopes, their creativity, and their dreams so they become transformed to wellness and prosperity.   

Our Program

We provide one on one coaching and mentoring to help our members create the life they want for themselves and their families.  We connect with partners from other organizations and our communities as we network to increase a variety of resources to move individuals into their own meaning of success.  Some of those resources are: Community Building Cafe & Conversation which is a village building, safe space, rich with provocative dialogue among people coming together to discuss and resolve issues relevant to them.


We offer volunteer opportunities for all our stakeholders to serve.  Connect "to" serve is just that.  If you are in need of support for an event or activity, please reach out to us, if we are available, we are happy to serve.


Beyond the wall connects our members with strategies to engage in professional development, in finding career options that fit their dreams, including entrepreneurship and other life skills that help to ensure their successful sustainability, 

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