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The Mankind Project

WOCU Warriors of Color United

The group is dedicated to autonomous mutual support and solidarity among Men of Color in the Mankind Project. Mentoring and building a brotherhood

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Maryland Black Chambers of Commerce


The mission of the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce is to educate, connect, and advocate for black businesses all across Maryland.

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The Gadfly Project



The Gadfly Project is a trusted provider of applications specifically tailored to clients' needs.


National Phlebotomy Association

As the founding National Phlebotomy Certification Organization, the National Phlebotomy Association has sought to provided quality services to our members since our inception in 1978.


Life Curve

At Life Curve, we’re dedicated to guiding you on your wellness journey and helping you to take control of your state of mind.

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The Widow's Pantry

The Widow's Pantry provides services and outreach to neighbors coping with homelessness, and underemployment - leading efforts with love and dignity to restore hope.

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